Celebrating 100 Years of Service and Friendship

Our Green Door Welcomes YOU


Founded 1911

The (Minneapolis) League of Catholic Women is an independent, non-profit, volunteer organization committed to Christian values.  We provide creative community services for  women and families, and we offer opportunities for spiritual, educational and personal growth.

We've moved!  We are now renting a space in the Woman's Club of Minneapolis, which has a 107-year history of serving women and children in Minneapolis.  Take the elevator near the front desk to the 6th floor, walk all the way down the hall to the first right.  You'll see our green door!  We will be renting additional space as needed to stage events at the Club, and although we do not have the privileges afforded women who are members of the Woman's Club, it is a great setting to begin a new partnership with another wonderful woman's organization.
Come visit your new LCW office.  Someone is always there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

LCW.2COur independent-minded founders pursued their vision of providing social service projects to better the lives of women and families and sponsor a variety of programs for all women to enrich their intellectual and spiritual lives.

This generation of LCW women is committed to seeing that the light they ignited in the heart of the city in 1911 continues to burn brightly throughout the 21st century.

The League of Catholic Women: honoring women's voices, meeting women's needs.  Get to know us. Select an item from the menu to find out more.

"Telling Our Story":
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