How We Help

Community Outreach

The League of Catholic Women is a Minneapolis-based independent non-profit. During its 107-year history, the LCW has been active in a variety of projects to affirm and support women striving to better their lives and the lives of their families.

LCW community outreach projects are varied and flexible in an attempt to intelligently and compassionately address the specific needs of successive generations of women.

What the LCW Does for Our Community Today

+ Micro Grants


In keeping with the purpose and mission of The League of Catholic Women, the Grant’s Committee seeks to support women and their children by distributing funds designated for support in enhancing the recipient’s opportunities to further their educational and/or economic advancement.

+ Tuesday Club

TUESDAY CLUB, entertaining senior citizens in the gathering room at St. Olaf Catholic Church, 215 S. 8th Street / 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Volunteers welcome to...

  • prepare a meal from recipes provided (no need to stay)
  • set up, serve and clean up after the monthly luncheon
  • socialize with our guests, most of whom live alone

Time: flexible. Choose to volunteer once a year or as often as you like for any of these roles

+ Tutoring

TUTORING or providing other services for elementary-age children at RISEN CHRIST School, 1120 E 37th Street, Minneapolis

Volunteer times vary:

  • Tutoring/ one or two hours a week
  • Risen Christ’s volunteer coordinator alerts League members when the school has specific needs we might be able to meet (flexible)

+ Library Staffing

STAFFING the Library at JOHN PAUL II Elementary School, 1630 4th Avenue SE

Volunteer times vary:

  • Check out books and read to children 12:30-3:30 p.m. once a week
  • Clean-up and organizing days—3 times a year
  • Work on tasks assigned by the LCW staff at home—@20 hours a year

+ First Impression

Join LCW FIRST IMPRESSION in a partnership with St. Olaf Samaritan Ministry in providing necessities for families in need:

  • Flexible volunteer hours required in collecting and distributing clothing and domestic items about 3 times a year

+ Literacy Outreach

LITERACY OUTREACH promotes literacy by providing age appropriate new books for the Children’s Christmas Party at Northside Child Development Center

+ St. Nicholas Tote Bags

A once-a-year project at Christmastime to involve members and their children and grandchildren in providing warm outdoor wear and grooming necessities for those without homes. Volunteers gather in a member’s private home to socialize and serve others.

Watch this space for new and continuing volunteer experiences.

If you want more information about volunteering for any of the above services, please e-mail ( or call (612-813-5321) the League office. A representative from your service will contact you.