Helping Our Community

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Community Outreach

The League of Catholic Women is a Minneapolis-based independent non-profit. During its 107-year history, the LCW has been active in a variety of projects to affirm and support women striving to better their lives and the lives of their families. Go to our website and get baixar jogo da era do gelo. Hurry up to go and start winning.

LCW community outreach projects are varied and flexible in an attempt to intelligently and compassionately address the specific needs of successive generations of women.

We hope you will become a LCW member to volunteer, but even if you don’t join us, volunteer anyway!

What the LCW Does for Our Community Today

+ Microgrants

Begun in 2016, the League’s Microgrant Committee awards LCW Microgrants to fund a particular need for a woman recommended by one of our community non-profit partners:

  • Jeremiah
  • Sarah’s Oasis
  • Sisters of the Visitation Northside
  • Source
  • Northside Child Development Center,
  • Amicus (Sister to Sister)


+ Tuesday Club

On the second Tuesday of each month, Tuesday Club volunteers brighten the lives of local senior citizens with a hearty lunch, conversations, occasional entertainment and much-loved Bingo games.

Volunteers are invited to join in helping set up, socializing with guests and cleaning up every month or whenever you have the time. The donation of Bingo prizes is always most welcome.

Location: The gathering room at St. Olaf Catholic Church, 215 S. 8th Street / 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Please contact Rita at or 612-670-2692 (cell) or 952-935-4004 for more details.

+ Hands-on Help in Catholic Schools

Since the majority of their young students are in need of economic assistance, Catholic grade schools appreciate any volunteer assistance they can get. Volunteers have an opportunity to serve specific and varied needs brought to the attention of the League by four Minneapolis and two St. Paul inner-city Catholic elementary schools. One-to-one tutoring is especially helpful, but less time-consuming services such as assisting in the office or library, teaching a one-hour class in a special subject you can share with them (e.g. body image, art appreciation, etc.) or giving a science or tech demonstration or volunteering once a month to fill Friday backpacks with weekend food for families once a month.

Volunteers have an opportunity to serve specific and varied needs brought to the attention of the League by four Minneapolis and two West St. Paul inner-city Catholic elementary schools. The contact person for each school is:

  • Ascension Catholic Academy (comprised of Ascension, Pope John Paul II and St. Peter Claver): Margaret Conroy or 763-760-3928
  • Risen Christ Catholic School: Maggie McCarrick 612-822-5329 ext 106
  • Saint Pascal Baylon and Saint Jerome: Inna Collier or 612-801-5120
Volunteer times vary:
  • Tutoring/ one or two hours a week
  • Risen Christ’s volunteer coordinator alerts League members when the school has specific needs we might be able to meet (flexible)

+ First Impression

LCW First Impression volunteers partner with the Samaritan Ministry of St. Olaf Catholic Church to conduct seasonal drives to provide clothing, household goods and other items necessary for persons struggling with homelessness, unemployment or other issues. LCW members and non-members alike are encouraged to bring clothing, household goods and other needed items to St. Olaf Church in downtown Minneapolis for any of the four yearly drives. Lists of items needed are sent to our members in an e-blast. You are free to bring clean, presentable used or new clothing and goods to St. Olaf most weekdays between 9:00 and 4:00.

Flexible volunteer hours required in collecting and distributing clothing and domestic items three to four times a year. Help is also needed on the day of the First Impression sale.

+ Literacy Outreach

League volunteers join in the effort to encourage reading proficiency and love for reading by providing books for children at Northside Child Development Center and staffing a library day for students at Saint John Paul elementary school.

Mitten Tree:

Once a year, members purchase books to give to the children of Northside Child Development Center. They pick a paper mitten from the Mitten Tree at a League function or call the League office to receive the name, sex and age of one more more Northside youngsters and go Christmas shopping. Children and grandchildren often join them to pick out books and warp with the recipient’s name attached. Wrapped books are brought to the LCW office or to the home of a Mitten Tree volunteer. Please contact Anna with any questions at 612-482-3359 or

Library Staffing:

Faithful LCW volunteers keep the library at Pope John II open one day a week. They check out books, read to children and often donate books to supplement the library shelves. They love their work and invite you to join them every week or whenever you can.

Volunteer times vary:

  • Check out books and read to children 12:30-3:30 p.m. once a week
  • Clean-up and organizing days—3 times a year
  • Work on tasks assigned by the LCW staff at home—@20 hours a year

Watch this space for new and continuing volunteer experiences.

If you want more information about volunteering for any of the above services, please e-mail ( or call (612-813-5321) the League office. A representative from your service will contact you.