Friends For Life

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Why do women choose League membership? Let us count the ways…

  1. League members come from Minneapolis, St. Paul and almost every metropolitan area. They may belong to a parish community they love but they also enjoy interacting with women from a broader spectrum of Catholic or another religious affiliation. Some members grew up Catholic but are full of questions and even anger about past and current Church practices.  The League is a safe place to explore these questions and find open minds and open hearts to listen and explore together. Go to our website and get baixar jogo da era do gelo. Hurry up to go and start winning.
  2. League members want to expand their horizons—hear new ideas, deepen their sense of the God within, work for a cause they believe in with women who share their passion, enjoy the company of women of all ages who learn and laugh and work and pray together.
  3. League members are eager to form relationships with other women who share similar values and support one another in our journeys through life—women who are there for us when we need it.
  4. Most women discover the League because a friend tells them about us and invites them to come with them to a talk or a tour or a party.  If you are already a League member, INVITE someone!  If you are not a member and a friend invites you to attend a League function, SAY YES!

Please contact Lisa, our membership chair, at 612-965-7448 or for more information about joining the League and see the membership form of this website.